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THERADERM Redness Relief

THERADERM Redness Relief


The Redness Relief Serum, part of the professional aesthetic ampoule series chosen by dermatologists as high quality products safe to use and excellent in effect: 

  • Instantly calms stimulated and red skin 

  • Rapid watering and hydrating effects for the skin’s moisture barrier 

  • Recommended in treating rosacea



ALLANTOIN is a natural extract that provides hydration to the skin and protects sensitive skin against stimulants. 

CUCUMBER is a key ingredient of this ampoule that is excellent in soothing effects by cooling the skin and purifies the skin.     


SIZE 70mL 




Purified water, glycerin, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Allantoin,etc. 



Apply few drops onto the face and gently massage and pat to allow deep penetration. 


Expected to ship within 1 week from purchase
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