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Muscle Relaxing Injections

Not all botulinum toxin type A treatments are to smooth out frowns and wrinkles.  Some treatments are for medical and personal reasons such as profuse sweating (Hyperhydrosis) or for severe teeth grinding (Bruxism).  Our medical practitioner is able to offer numerous advanced treatments.


*All our Cosmetic Injectables are being performed by fully trained insured medical practitioners with over 10 years of experience in the field of non-surgical facial aesthetics

Cancellation Policy: 

Your beauty treatment appointment is reserved specifically for you. We therefore ask that you notify us at least 48 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Late cancellations and ‘no show’ appointments cost us precious time and money, therefore if we receive less than 48 hours notice of cancellation 50% of the treatment cost will be charged. Less than 24 hours or ‘No shows’ will be charged the full cost of the treatment. Any future appointments will be cancelled until debt is paid. Thank you for your understanding.

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